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I uploaded my pics on . I’m not sure about ‘producing’ or ‘selling’ in constant manner. I’m so sad about it. So, what I make is for my own dolls. May be, I will sell those clothes later or may be not.

I have been ‘too’ busy with my life and family. I don’t know why is it so hard to have time to produce doll clothes. There always something happens (T.T) and interferes my work. I really hate it but at the same time, I can’t do anything about it but accept it. So, I just take a picture and upload it to my instagram. I sew for fun now but in serious manner, still. Haha. I mean, I still do my best to sew neatly and r&d the best pattern and fitting even it’s a fun project.

Long Hiatus

There are things aside from dolly stuff to catch up. I’m missing playing with my dolls as well as making stuff for them. I’m also waiting a local store to sell kind of cutter i need to make my next doll dress. I actually made the prototype but I couldn’t display it as the doll for which i made the dress is not mine. It belongs to my friend.

I also need to break from dolly clothes, I think. I made some custom order last time but seems no answer from the buyer. Well, can’t blame the buyer as i also made it too long. TAT . I might just upload them in etsy. I uploaded some but still under ‘draft’ section. I might open it if until July or August, there’s no answer. After all my other work is done, I will slowly start making things for dolly. I said slowly bcs I also want to make other things like bags and human clothes. I wish i can make lots of things this rest of the year. TAT. I can’t expect more as it is just difficult to steal time to make things. Last year was not good either. I got sick most of time and so were my children and i felt like overwhelmed with duty as wife and add with the passing away of my father, too. Too many things happened. Goodness.


i was so panic when bimong was starting to upload the heads and everything. i kept refreshing it. goodness.I ended up buying some. akh!

I dont have money to buy the body. Perhaps someday. Also. I dont have more budget to buy light tan skin. it looks pretty but i am afraid i will be disappointed while the price is not cheap.  i bought normal skins heads and stuffs.

buy here



N40 by Bimong Pre-Order Will Be Opened!

I’m so excited. N40 series by Bimong will be opened for pre-order. It will come with new body. Goodness. I hope the price won’t be too high. TAT . I hope, it wont be like more than 500usd. TAT. I was kind of shock about the N60 dolls with new body price but looking at the body, i can see why it’s expensive. I hope N40 will be still within my budget.

I’m still thinking whether to order tan or not. I neve had tan skin before. I’m a bit scared about yellowing.

Fitting <3


Love the fitting so much. Yes, it’s very basic and simple. I won’t go to a more complicated one until I conquer the very basic one. Something like this only takes few fabrics but the effort to make one is not as easy as it seems. The R&D has took a long road just to get this basic (sorry for not being a genius who can succeed making ones in one trial). First, the pattern. Second trying various technique to sew the bra and panties. Third trying few techniques to attach the string.

It’s finished now and wait for me to take the pics. and where is my camera tripod anyway? (T.T)””