Updating The Blog

I plan to keep updating my blog even though may be my blog is not popular. I just want to write and document things I learn here in my blog. I wish I can put more photos, too, in the future. May be some tips tutorial, or whatever.

Why not using tiktok? I don’t like tiktok somehow (^_^)’.

Why not using Instagram reel? Me don’t like either but not as much as I don’t like tiktok. May be in the future I will use Instagram reel.

Youtube also needs a lot of effort. I think, I will pass it for now. Actually, I tried making a video when cutting and preparing my silk clothes project and in the middle of making video, my card was full and goodness, nothing was recorded. Oh goodness.

So, I think, I just take pics more often and write as ‘simple’ as possible and more structured so people can read it more comfortably and fast, too.

I want to write blog that is different from other blogs I have ever read. Actually, my future blog will be about my findings when sewing and other things that I rarely see people discuss or write about it. So, even though it’s for my own notes at first but I also hope, it can be useful for others.

Anyway, I might put google ads on my blog. I’m still learning about it. I will keep watching if it’s too many ‘ads stripes’ or not. I also want my readers comfortable when reading my blog. Yeees, I can feel you when reading blogs with too many ads pop up here and there and like taking space of the writing itself.

I also still try some theme on my blog. So, may be it can be changing for many times currently. Haha. I haven’t found a theme that I feel “this is it!”, yet. I want to go back to my old theme but I forgot which one (T.T).

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