Updating The Blog

I plan to keep updating my blog even though may be my blog is not popular. I just want to write and document things I learn here in my blog. I wish I can put more photos, too, in the future. May be some tips tutorial, or whatever. Why not using tiktok? I don’t like […]

My Instagram

I uploaded my pics on https://www.instagram.com/nanin.atelier/ . I’m not sure about ‘producing’ or ‘selling’ in constant manner. I’m so sad about it. So, what I make is for my own dolls. May be, I will sell those clothes later or may be not. I have been ‘too’ busy with my life and family. I don’t know […]

Fabric Disaster: Bye bye Watermelon Theme Series

I think, i won’t be able to release my watermelon series. I’m devastated. After all pattern and technique R&D, the fabric I chose was disaster, not good at all. Somehow, the mark pen on it can’t be removed unless I boil the clothes, yet, if I do, the colour will change. The fabric itself is […]

Long Hiatus

There are things aside from dolly stuff to catch up. I’m missing playing with my dolls as well as making stuff for them. I’m also waiting a local store to sell kind of cutter i need to make my next doll dress. I actually made the prototype but I couldn’t display it as the doll […]

The Ballet Feet

I’m interested with this http://art-bimong.com/shop/step1.php?number=239 but the price…not that it’s expensive but i have no more budget… TAT … I think, next time he opened a pre-order, I want to buy it along with the body… huhu…interesting body. Not my type in terms of aesthetic but I trust the artist presents a good quality of doll. […]


i was so panic when bimong was starting to upload the heads and everything. i kept refreshing it. goodness.I ended up buying some. akh! I dont have money to buy the body. Perhaps someday. Also. I dont have more budget to buy light tan skin. it looks pretty but i am afraid i will be […]

N40 by Bimong Pre-Order Will Be Opened!

I’m so excited. N40 series by Bimong will be opened for pre-order. It will come with new body. Goodness. I hope the price won’t be too high. TAT . I hope, it wont be like more than 500usd. TAT. I was kind of shock about the N60 dolls with new body price but looking at […]

Lovely Bear Hood

These set will be in my etsy store soon. There’s few notes about this set: I made the hood (extra large) because i want to accommodate the curly frilly cutie doll wig. I don’t want the hood ruin it. I’m making another set same as this one. Even if I make the hood smaller it will […]