About Atelier NaNin

Nanin is actually my second nickname, called by my mother. I was thinking of a brand name and somehow this name came out.

Atelier Nanin is for my doll clothes brand at first. The concept of Atelier Nanin is CUTE, FIT, and “SIMPLE”. It doesn’t have a rigid concept like modern clothes or traditional clothes, and so on. Yet, any doll clothes I make usually contains those 3 words inherently.

After long thought, I might add human clothes into Atelier Nanin. The concept of my human clothes is different from doll in detail, yet it has CUTE, FIT, and “SIMPLE” words, too, just like the doll clothes.

Actually, Atelier Nanin doll clothes are clothes that I want to wear in real life (^_^), but because of some limitation (for example: fabric), I can’t make the design into real human clothes.

I wish I can learn making more clothes that I love. I also like to challenge myself making clothes that is not my favorite just to increase my sewing level and knowledge.