i was so panic when bimong was starting to upload the heads and everything. i kept refreshing it. goodness.I ended up buying some. akh!

I dont have money to buy the body. Perhaps someday. Also. I dont have more budget to buy light tan skin. it looks pretty but i am afraid i will be disappointed while the price is not cheap.  i bought normal skins heads and stuffs.

buy here  www.art-bimong.com



N40 by Bimong Pre-Order Will Be Opened!

I’m so excited. N40 series by Bimong will be opened for pre-order. It will come with new body. Goodness. I hope the price won’t be too high. TAT . I hope, it wont be like more than 500usd. TAT. I was kind of shock about the N60 dolls with new body price but looking at the body, i can see why it’s expensive. I hope N40 will be still within my budget.

I’m still thinking whether to order tan or not. I neve had tan skin before. I’m a bit scared about yellowing.