Start Sewing Doll Clothes Again

I’d been stopped sewing doll clothes because I had higher priority to do. I was so stressed and all I can do is baking. Yes, I can bake, too. It was like a sport to me. So while other people do sport exercise to release stress, I do baking. I can’t sewing when I’m stressed.

The mood is getting better. Getting a professional help is really helpful. I started sewing again. I wanted to sew something that easy and not too detail, but somehow, I chose “wrong” projects. Hahaha…

I noticed myself that I became more analytical when sewing. I mean, I become more observed and detail when reviewing my own wrong, finding wrong technique or find new technique, etc. I think, it’s because I bake. Yes, Baking makes me more analytical and observed.

These are my latest work, 3rd (or 4th may be) project since I started sewing again this year. It’s an easy, yet apparently not that easy project. It looks easy because It’s done and the design looks easy but when making it, it’s not kind of a quick-made design. The simpler design, usually, the more difficult to do. The messy we do will be more visible, including the clothes shape.

Sometimes, I want to make vlog about my sewing life but really, I need someone to hold the camera. It’s so difficult doing it alone because when sewing, I’m more active. I move here and there, using this and that machine. And shooting a video that is aesthetic is not easy. Well, may be next time, I can take more “making” photos So I can write the making story.

I did try making video but apparently, it wasn’t recorded because the memory card was full. Hahaha. It was a silk dress (human size). Oh, goodness. I really wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. It was so difficult making the record and nothing recorded. haha…

Now, I do what I can do my best. Doing my best is my life motto. (^_^)


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