Been a While, I Play Doll Again. Yet……

My goodness! I think, I need more relax next time when playing with my dolls and taking pic of them. Seems like I was wrong in choosing the wig and eyes. Goodness! Their last photo session was totally doomed! *I’m crying*

It’s been a while I didn’t play dolls. I’m a bit rushing and want to take pics a.s.a.p . I forgot the wigs I had and then just grab whatever wigs… goodness… I didn’t even pose them well!…They all look creepy *I’m crying again*




These dresses are some of my new work. I’m sorry for ugly photography. My dolls seemed gloomy.

Will retake the photo next time and try to be more relax next time. I don’t know why. When it comes to photography, I am always uncomfortable even if the object is not me. I just want to pass the session a.s.a.p . Seems I have kind of “trauma” when I was a kid regarding to photography. I like playing dolls but I don’t like taking their pictures. On the other side, I want to sell the clothes…well, so…I have to take a pic still, don’t I?


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