Fabric Disaster: Bye bye Watermelon Theme Series

I think, i won’t be able to release my watermelon series. I’m devastated. After all pattern and technique R&D, the fabric I chose was disaster, not good at all. Somehow, the mark pen on it can’t be removed unless I boil the clothes, yet, if I do, the colour will change. The fabric itself is the best actually in terms of colour and thickness. I even thought it would be the easier fabric I’ve ever found for doll bra. Yes, it is. When making the project, it is not difficult to handle, but the fabric is disaster when I can’t remove the marking from it. I’m not sure to try chemical or other kind of natural stain remover. No matter what, the colour will change. So, I won’t take a risk to waste my time. I can make patch and try some research but really, I don’t have time for this. Even if it can and change the colour, the colour changing for all projects must be the same. In my case, one fabric was ok, another fabric was not ok. It will be difficult to maintain the consistency. Too many works for an item that I plan to  price only at 25USD :/ . I’d rather work more on pattern or using lace or appliqué or else rather than work on laundry.

May be I will still release the series but not under theme of watermelon. I can’t find another type of fabric right now. Yes, there are one two ideas of using this and that fabric but the look on the doll may be shabby. The watermelon theme I want to show is cheerful and ‘summer’ feel, bright and fun. There are some good fabrics but the colour is shabby (It is not bad fabric, it is just the colour nature that is ‘shabby’, not kind of strong bright colour. Not kind of ‘soft’ either. There is pink, green, yellow, but not too bright enough for this theme I want.

I’m on the cross road where should I change the colour theme? or Die trying to find another fabric? The second one…I don’t have time. Too busy as a mother, too exhausted, too (T.T).

I think, i’ll be thinking changing the colour, yet, still under 1 theme. I still don’t have any idea what it will be right now. I’m tired. I’ve never gotten too much stressed just because the fabric didn’t work as expected. Perhaps, I was expecting too much from this fabric.

Lovely Bear Hood

img_4456 1478066816336

These set will be in my etsy store soon.

There’s few notes about this set:

  1. I made the hood (extra large) because i want to accommodate the curly frilly cutie doll wig. I don’t want the hood ruin it. I’m making another set same as this one. Even if I make the hood smaller it will be still larger. So, the proportion isn’t wrong. I intentionally make it large.
  2. I don’t make underskirt for this set. Why? So I can expose the shape of the skirt. The skirt must be ‘fall’ and flowing and not stiff.
  3. Yes, the buttons on the skirt and hood clothes are different. I choose it because I’m bored to see the same color dan shape of buttons.
  4. There’s a bell on the tip of the hood. So, the owner must pay attention to this when washing the hood. He/she must make sure the bell is dry completely.

It is a very feminine style combine with cuteness.

designed and sew by Nanin.