Lovely Bear Hood

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These set will be in my etsy store soon.

There’s few notes¬†about this set:

  1. I made the hood (extra large) because i want to accommodate the curly frilly cutie doll wig. I don’t want the hood ruin it. I’m making another set same as this one. Even if I make the hood smaller it will be still larger. So, the proportion isn’t wrong. I intentionally make it large.
  2. I don’t make underskirt for this set. Why? So I can expose the shape of the skirt. The skirt must be ‘fall’ and flowing and not stiff.
  3. Yes, the buttons on the skirt and hood clothes are different. I choose it because I’m bored to see the same color dan shape of buttons.
  4. There’s a bell on the tip of the hood. So, the owner must pay attention to this when washing the hood. He/she must make sure the bell is dry completely.

It is a very feminine style combine with cuteness.

designed and sew by Nanin.

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