Lovely Bear Hood

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These set will be in my etsy store soon.

There’s few notesĀ about this set:

  1. I made the hood (extra large) because i want to accommodate the curly frilly cutie doll wig. I don’t want the hood ruin it. I’m making another set same as this one. Even if I make the hood smaller it will be still larger. So, the proportion isn’t wrong. I intentionally make it large.
  2. I don’t make underskirt for this set. Why? So I can expose the shape of the skirt. The skirt must be ‘fall’ and flowing and not stiff.
  3. Yes, the buttons on the skirt and hood clothes are different. I choose it because I’m bored to see the same color dan shape of buttons.
  4. There’s a bell on the tip of the hood. So, the owner must pay attention to this when washing the hood. He/she must make sure the bell is dry completely.

It is a very feminine style combine with cuteness.

designed and sew by Nanin.

Fitting <3


Love the fitting so much. Yes, it’s very basic and simple. I won’t go to a more complicated one until I conquer the very basic one. Something like this only takes few fabrics but the effort to make one is not as easy as it seems. The R&D has took a long road just to get this basic (sorry for not being a genius who can succeed making ones in one trial). First, the pattern. Second trying various technique to sew the bra and panties. Third trying few techniques to attach the string.

It’s finished now and wait for me to take the pics. and where is my camera tripod anyway? (T.T)””