Long Hiatus

There are things aside from dolly stuff to catch up. I’m missing playing with my dolls as well as making stuff for them. I’m also waiting a local store to sell kind of cutter i need to make my next doll dress. I actually made the prototype but I couldn’t display it as the doll for which i made the dress is not mine. It belongs to my friend.

I also need to break from dolly clothes, I think. I made some custom order last time but seems no answer from the buyer. Well, can’t blame the buyer as i also made it too long. TAT . I might just upload them in etsy. I uploaded some but still under ‘draft’ section. I might open it if until July or August, there’s no answer. After all my other work is done, I will slowly start making things for dolly. I said slowly bcs I also want to make other things like bags and human clothes. I wish i can make lots of things this rest of the year. TAT. I can’t expect more as it is just difficult to steal time to make things. Last year was not good either. I got sick most of time and so were my children and i felt like overwhelmed with duty as wife and add with the passing away of my father, too. Too many things happened. Goodness.